Carvalho may well have taken his inspiration from a tiny, shapeless, creature, but Memória De Amiba is impressively well-structured. The septet plays with finesse. Carvalho’s writing offers scope for different textures and layers of sound that often give the sensation of a much larger ensemble, but he’s not afraid to give space to just one or two players at a time, creating some memorable performances as a result.
— All About Jazz

[...] ultimately all that matters is that this is a collection of high quality, subtly melodic, atmospheric compositions that usher you into their own discrete world.
— All About Jazz

André Carvalho is a Portuguese bassist and composer with an attractive compositional voice well founded in the modern trends of jazz.[...]
Carvalho, who recorded two albums so far [...], reveals cleverness in the way he composes. In addition to the pleasurability one can feel while absorbing melodies and grooves, there’s always a certain amount of ambiguity that floats in the air and keeps us focused on its textures.

«Memória de Amiba» é um tratado de sensibilidade que sucede ao bem visto «Hajime» editado pela Tone of a Pitch (tal como este) em 2011.
— Disco Digital

Released right near the end of 2013, it was too late to consider this album for my Best of 2013 list, as my cutoff (and that of many other reviewers) typically runs from November to November. However, this album will get some attention when the Best of 2014 lists start getting compiled.
— Bird is the Worm

El concepto musical que engloba la obra, abre un gran protagonismo a los demás instrumentos que participan en cada tema, desvelando exquisitos momentos musicales en las improvisaciones y arreglos de los mismos. El líder contrabajista, como tal, es parte fundamental de sus creaciones, pero deja expresar a sus compañeros con total libertad.
— TomaJazz

Today we have further proof - if proof were needed - that jazz music of the highest order can spring up at any time, from anywhere on the planet.
— Next Jazz

"Memória de Amiba" in Sociedade das Nações, SIC Notícias 14/12/2013